Imagine you are blindfolded…, you have no choice but to trust your colleague to get you through a minefield, would you be confident you would make it out alive?  We put this to the test and we all lived to tell the tale!  We were matched at random with another member of the team and they had to stand at the end of the course and yell instructions on where to head and what to avoid!  They were the eyes, you were the feet!  No easy task when there is 3 teams going through at the same time!  We firmly believe that trust within our team, along with respect and understanding, is when the magic happens.

minefieldminefield challenge mailchimpminefield alice victoria - Cropteam building day

After surviving the minefield, we tested our taste-buds in a blind sauce challenge.  Only relying on our sense of taste & smell, we worked our way through an array of condiments which proved ‘flavour comes first’.

blind taste test collage 800 x 500blind tt1 - CropBlind sauce test Invite