How many spices would it take to get you to Mexico?

We have created a combination of salsa, sauce and marinade that provides a diverse, delectable, unique and unforgettable outcome that takes you on an authentic culinary adventure!

Use as a condiment, stir into sauces or introduce it as an intrinsic part of the taste range at the start of a dish, in torillas, burritos, stirred into dips, slathered on kebabs or spiced up in a soup. Adaptability is a key strength as this product can be used in multiple ways, only limited by your imagination. 
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With this product a little goes a long way.

Mexican Salsaucinade was one of the key products we sampled at Fine Food New Zealand 2016 where we gave tasters a triple strength serving that took their taste buds all the way to Mexico.

Do you like to excite your taste buds? Then you’re ready for Mexican Salsaucinade! Explore the authentic flavours of Mexico and add depth, tang and terrific taste to any meal.

Mexican Salsaucinade is the defining flavour on your dish.