Feijoa – A kiwi favourite

Continuous improvement and innovation has resulted in over double the capacity of processing fresh feijoas.

What can we offer?

  • 2.5 tons per hour
  • 60 tons this season which equates to approx. 800,000 feijoas
  • Two different specs, 0.6mm and 1mm puree

6 x 4 feijoa 6 x 4 processing 6 x 4 tok 6 x 4 packaging









With fresh produce, careful science and innovative techniques we make the flavour come first!

The season is short so when it’s here, it’s a feijoa frenzy of baking & preserving. Freeze feijoa puree so you can enjoy feijoa all year-round!

This process is also available for a range of fruits and berries.

For more information contact sales@springbrook.co.nz to get started!