Whether you dip it, slather it, pour it or cook with it… Springbrook can manufacture and pack your products to the highest quality in packaging to suit your busy business. Staff, machinery, food safety programs, we have everything set up to create the most innovative products that will define your dish.

Springbrook manufacture quality products for retail, food service and commercial use,  using the latest techniques and equipment. Our vast range includes sauces, dressings, marinades, toppings, jams, fruit pulp, juice and ingredients for further manufacturing, just to name a few.

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Do you already have a product or recipe in mind?

Contact us to further develop a current recipe or product that we may be able to assist with. Whether modifications are required or you simply want to create unique flavor profile, Springbrook has the capabilities to work with your team to ensure flavour comes first, turn a new and imaginative idea into reality and create a product as unique as your brand.

Using your own top secret recipe or with the help of our R&D team, we can work with you from the initial concept right through to completion and production.

With both large-scale and one-off jobs depending on individual requirements we maintain the same high level of quality throughout the entire production. All information supplied is kept strictly confidential. We provide consistent, fast, reliable service and quality products to meet your schedule and exceed expectations.

What can we offer?

  • Complete business support
  • Product and process development including formulation development
  • Logistics
  • Food labelling and compliance services
  • Unique and personalized blends
  • Hot and cold filling, with chilled, frozen and ambient areas.
  • Custom ingredient supply
  • Innovative and flexible packaging options

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Packaging options to suit your needs

We package a range of products in catering size plastic units that can be reused for storage once empty and offer no risk off of glass breakage.

We also understand that all customers have different requirements and require flexible customized solutions and innovation packaging. Our versatile packaging lines are equipped to handle a range of packaging requests and consider ease of use. Tell us the packaging you want or let us find the best options for your product.


* 190g Jar                                                * 250g Jar                                                 

* 300g Jar                                               * 300ml Glass Bottle


* 120g Tub                                              * 200g Tub

* 500g Tub                                             * 1Kg Tub                                 

* 2Kg Tub                                               * 5Kg Pail

* 10Kg Pail                                              * 20Kg Pail   

* 20L Pail         


* 3Kg Bag n Box (with tap)                 * 3L stand up pouch (with tap)

* 15L Bag  (with tap)                            * 500g Bag       

* 1Kg Bag                                                * 4Kg Bag

* 20Kg Bag (with bung)                          

Drums and large manufacturing

* 200L Drum                                         * 200Kg Drum                  

* 220kg Drum                                       * 260Kg Drum                       

* 1000L Pallecon                                  * 15000L Tanker

If you could save time, resources, be able to concentrate on core business, sales and be provided with full flavour products that excite your taste buds…. would you be interested?

Contact us today to meet the people behind the passion to see how we can help your business.