Nothing beats a cultural experience than tasting the local cuisine. New Zealand is known for its fresh, diverse and delicious dishes … a fresh plate of mussels, fish and chips on the beach, a succulent lamb roast, a platter of vintage cheese paired with an award winning Marlborough wine or simply a traditional pavlova to end the night… but, let’s be honest, New Zealand has so much more to offer!


Springbrook were chosen to attend the Coles Brand and NZTE (New Zealand Trade and Enterprise) Experience NZ Event in Melbourne on 30 March 2017 which we were incredibly lucky to be a part of. This presentation was an opportunity show our capabilities in creating the most flavoursome condiments that are able to be priced to compete with the market leaders, while still the best tasting product for the best price. Whether you dip it, slather it, pour it or cook with it… Springbrook can manufacture and pack products to the highest quality in packaging for retail, food service and commercial use. We are fully set up to create the most innovative products that will define your dish.

NZTE presentation2 NZTE presentation coles







The key products we showcased were;

  • Sundried Tomato Pesto paired with crackers & Camembert (left)
  • Beetroot Chutney paired with crackers & Camembert (right) 
  • Red Pepper & Ricotta Pesto paired with Bagelette & Vintage Cheese (bottom left)
  • No Nut Satay Noodle Salad with shredded chicken, spring onion, carrot & spinach (bottom right) …. keep an eye out for this delicious satay recipe in upcoming blogs!

Sundried Pesto and camembert Beetroot chutney and camembert





Red pepper ricotta and vintage No nut satay









*All products are nut free* 

The event was a huge success, extremely valuable and a chance for us to showcase and let you taste a few of the products we love! A stand out product was the No-Nut Satay which has amazing appeal due to the fact that there are no nuts in the product yet the flavour, texture & aroma all give the impression that it is full of nuts. This means all consumers that are allergic to nuts can still enjoy a great satay flavour safely. Since the event we have received a raving review on this product from NZTE Project Manager Chrissie Collins (pictured below).

Chrissie Collins



Kia ora – I was absolutely chuffed to receive your gift box full of delicious Springbook products – thank you!.  I particularly loved your Beetroot chutney and my anaphylactic friends indulged in your No Nuts Satay sauce over Easter.  I wish you well as you clearly display pride and passion in all that you produce, My Warmest Regards – Chrissie



We would like to thank NZTE for the opportunity to be a part of the Coles Brand and NZTE Experience NZ Event. We look forward to being involved with similar events again in the future with new and exciting flavours!