Key Trends

The Springbrook team have come up with a list of key trends in sauces and seasonings for 2020. These trends are based on identifying mega trends within the market.

Plant based trends

While 2019 has been dubbed the rising of veganism, this trend isn’t looking to slow down in 2020. Plants are a hot topic. While all consumers are not converting to a plant-based lifestyle, they want products that allow them to live a more sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Consumers are asking more and more for plant-based sauces, dressings and mayonnaise’s. Our New Product Development Team (NPD) have developed products such as mayonnaise’s and aioli’s without the use of eggs. A unique combination of starches has provided our plant-based mayo’s with a light and creamy texture characteristic of a mayo but without any animal ingredients.  This not only applies to mayonnaise as the NPD team have worked on a variety of product reformulations in order to remove any ingredient of animal origin to allow a front of package claim on a product for sale.

Not so hidden vegetables

As well as the increase in plant-based foods, while it used it be a trend to hide vegetables in food to mask their flavour, that has been changing. From tomato ketchup blended with vegetables to crackers containing real vegetable purees, there are now a variety of products on the market proudly declaring their fruit and vegetable content.

Springbrook now have a wide variety of vegetable purees in our recipe collection, going into a vast range of applications such as breads, crackers, pastries and condiments. These purees are specially designed to suit the consumers application to ensure it is fit for purpose.

New ethnic flavours

Consumers are looking for new experiences and tastes. As we begin into the new decade, the demand for new and improved ethnic flavours from around the globe is expected to increase. The younger generation continues to crave adventurous and authentic global flavours. From Moroccan purees, Chinese Sichuan Garlic sauces, Mediterranean Dressings and Indian Spice Pastes, our NPD team are receiving a number of new requests each week for sauces and pastes based on flavours from around the globe. Asian crossovers are in high demand right now with umami ingredients such as Miso being ever popular in sauces, dressings, aioli’s and pastes.  

Our NPD team is able to develop a new paste or match a flavour from a market sample. Let us take the stress of development off your hands and work to bring tastes from around the globe to your products.