Packing to suit your requirements

Springbrook now offer red and white cooking wine in 2 easy packaging formats for foodservice and retail. 

* Alcohol by Volume 12.5%
* Intended for cooking use only
* Made in New Zealand from imported and local ingredients

Red Cooking Wine
  • Red Cooking Wine 6 x 3L Bag
  • Red Cooking Wine 15L Carton

Made from a varietal red wine blend, this fragrant well-rounded cooking wine is excellent value. Adding wine and reducing adds a beautiful blend of acidity and sweetness. This, combined with the natural tannins, imparts a depth of flavour that cannot be achieved by any other method.

Perfect for stews, soups or sauces, as a marinade or splashed into dressings, this red cooking wine compliments the dish without overpowering the flavour.


White Cooking Wine
  • White Cooking Wine 6 x 3L Bag
  • White Cooking Wine 15L Carton

With a pale golden colour and crisp fruity aroma, this white cooking wine is a kitchen staple! This versatile cooking wine compliments seafood recipes, soups, risotto, salad dressings, poultry dishes, and vegetables. A convenient way to add a bit of culinary flair to a variety of dishes.

White wine brings a balance of fruitiness, acidity and sweetness which will enhance nearly any the dish to an exquisite elevated flavour which cannot be replicated any other way.










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